Professional Embroidered SECURITY Patch


Embroidered ‘SECURITY’ Patch

Industrial Hook Velcro Backing

Comes With Corresponding Loop Velcro Patch (To Attach To Garment etc)

Professional Embroidered SECURITY Patch

Ideal For Tactical – Security Officers – Police Officers – Prison Officers – Military Personnel – Ambulance Personnel – Paramedics

Embroidered ‘SECURITY’ Patch

Industrial Hook & loop Velcro BackingProfessional Embroidered SECURITY Patch back

Comes With Corresponding Loop Velcro Patch (To Attach To Garment etc)


The Professional Embroidered SECURITY Patch has Industrial High Quality Finishing And Stitching

Black Backing With White/Silver Lettering

Sizes Available: 9cm x 5cm10cm x 3cm-14cm x 4cm-30cm x 8cm


Our Badges and Patches are manufactured to a very high standard and are specifically designed for wear and tear in an industrial and hard working environment

They are equipped with a Hook Industrial Strength Velcro attachment which is secured to the underside of the Badge/Patch with industrial strength stitching


In the case of the Reflective style Badges/Patches it is also sealed with a waterproof sealant

They also come with a corresponding Loop Industrial Strength Velcro attachment which can be stitched onto any garment or, equipment of the users choice


All of the aforementioned Badges/Patches can be removed for garment/equipment cleaning purposes if required but can also be washed using low temperatures if so desired

Direct heat should not be applied to any of our Badges/Patches especially the reflective type as it will destroy the Badges/Patches


These patches can also be attached to, and used on animal (dog etc) harnesses to denote the animals provenance whilst in work

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

9 x 5cm, 10 x 3cm, 14 x 4cm, 30 x 8cm


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