The Unbreakable Self Defence Umbrella – Plum Crook Handle -90 x 112cm


  • Comes With a Fabric Cover Including a Shoulder Strap
  • Could be the only umbrella that you would ever need to buy
  • Will make any potential Mugger or Attacker think twice

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German Engineering & Design

The Unbreakable® Self Defence Umbrella protects against rain and everything else just like any other umbrella does, after all, that’s what it is, an umbrella to keep you dry and protected from the elements but, it has an extra, possibly life saving feature

It Whacks any potential Mugger or Attacker just as strongly as if they had been hit with a steel pipe but it weighs only approx 700gms. Best of all there is no way for any potential Attacker to know what you are actually carrying because it looks and behaves just like any standard umbrella

They are made from a special Fiberglass and Polyamide construction for extreme strength

This could be the only umbrella that you would ever need to buy again


It is especially designed for those in the Close Protection world as this item is one of their usual tools in the box

It is perfectly legal to carry and, gives you the edge against any potential attacker

They are not copies of any other companies products but are a genuine original article

    Available with an attractive hardwood Walnut ball end handle

  • Comes With a Fabric Cover Including a Shoulder Strap
  • Length: (approx) 90cm
  • Diameter When Opened: (approx) 112cm
  • Weight: (approx) 700gms



The manufacturer guarantees that the umbrella will not break under normal use for 60 months. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse or accident. It also does not apply to damage to the covering or scratches on the handle


FREE UK Mainland P&P

“The umbrella is an unobtrusive companion and an effective aid in self-defence situations – both for ordinary citizens and trained martial artists”

(Kai Kuhn –

“The unbreakable umbrella has all the features of a very good self-defence weapon. In my opinion, the umbrella is an experienced weapons-user’s best option for finally being able to use their weapon skills for self-defence&quot

(Sifu Matthias Cebula, Weng Chun Kung Fu Meister,


The umbrella has been used with success by personal bodyguards, self-defence experts and security personnel around the world

See These Videos For More Information On How It Could Help & Possibly Save You:

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Dimensions 90 × 18 cm


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