Comfortable Thinsulate Olive Green Bob Hat


A great warm and comfortable hat for out and about

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Comfortable Thinsulate Olive Green Bob Hat

One size fits most
made from 100% acrylic  Comfortable Thinsulate Olive Green Bob Hat logo
Bob hat / beenie hat cap fit

Can be used for most outdoors occasions

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Construction of Comfortable Thinsulate Olive Green Bob Hat:

Thinsulate is a brand of synthetic fibre thermal insulation used in clothing. The word is a portmanteau of the words thin and insulate, trademarked by 3M. The material is made by the 3M Corporation and was first sold in 1979. It was originally marketed as an inexpensive alternative to down; at the time, 3M claimed it was twice as warm as an equivalent amount of any natural material.

Thinsulate fibres are about 15 micrometres (0.00059 in) in diameter, which is thinner than the polyester fibres normally used in insulation for clothing such as gloves or winter jackets.

Advertising material suggests that Thinsulate is more effective due to the increased density of fibres with decreased size of fibres compared with more traditional insulation.

Like most insulation materials, the gaps between fibres not only reduce heat flow, but also allow moisture to escape.



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